Most Girls Aren’t Ready For A Good Man

James Michael Sama

I recently came across a very interesting article titled “Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man” and posted it on Facebook for discussion. By the way, there is a reason I used “girls” in my title rather than “women.”

While reading through the article, I was reminded of my days of frequenting and working as a promoter in nightclubs. People in their late teens and early twenties throwing all caution to the wind and enjoying every minute of dancing and debauchery. Ah, those were the days.


The author of the article singles out a 22-year old bartender at a local pub, and her friend, as the subjects in the article. He asks: “So what exactly qualifies you, or any modern American woman as someone who deserves a good guy”?

I think this is the wrong question. When I was 22, I probably didn’t “deserve” a good woman, either…

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