The “good enough” professor

Tenure, She Wrote

I am very hard on myself; I always have been, and guilt over how much I could be working and fear of my advisor’s disappointment motivated me through grad school.  During my postdoc my imposter syndrome started to fall away, although it still rears its Gorgon head every so often.  Although I’ve accepted that I’ll probably rarely meet my own (unrealistic) expectations, I worry about whether I’m meeting others’ (=my chair’s/colleagues’/students’/collaborators’) expectations.  As junior professors, so much is riding on others’ opinions of our work, it’s natural to want to do well based on others’ norms.  But how often do we stop to ask what our colleagues and students expect from us?

One of my resolutions this semester is to focus on being a “good enough” professor, which has brought up this interesting question:

What is ‘good enough’ in each realm of my job as a professor?

My biggest realization…

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