5 Things Men Can Learn From James Bond

James Michael Sama

There are men in the world who show us on national TV what not to do, such as the latest Bachelor, Juan Pablo, and then there are men, even fictional men, we can learn from.

In a recent Facebook discussion, I asked: What fictional character, either in literature or movies, do you feel best embodies the idea of a “true gentleman”?


There were some fantastic answers, and a couple of votes for James Bond, including my own. Now, a disclaimer: Some women claim Bond is a womanizer and therefore doesn’t qualify as a gentleman. While I have no interest in defending a fictional character’s…character, I believe for the sake of this article it is important to note that Bond’s profession, along with the unfortunate circumstances most of his love interests face at the hands of a villain, it is nearly impossible for Bond to find himself in a monogamous…

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